Crown limitation


Would love to see Inno put up a world in which the maximum crowns any account can use would be 7000. So that would allow each person to only purchase crowns once. Would love to see how well some of these big spenders can actually play when they do not have their pocket books behind them


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Thanks for your suggestions.

This is an age old argument here in TW2.
I'd say that at least an eighth of all 30,000 posts on this forum are about this exact topic, so I'm not going to try and rehash it all here, but I can say for sure that the developers are always looking for ways to maintain balance in the game and that premium features are routinely reexamined to see if they are in balance or not.

Dio brando

Crown is never a problem for me. The problem is not the limit but what you can do with it (eg such as buy coin x2 for 30 times nobles x3 10% troops etc) can give those doesn’t crown huge disadvantage in the early game. I saw someone spend $20k into this game, coined his new nobled barb from 500 pt to 3.5k that has academy, max farm church and max wall with offense, 4 nobles less than minutes into enemy province
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