Daily Market Rewards


Tribal Wars 2 is better than a lot of the other mobile castle defense games Ive played. I sometimes leave the game after a server closes, vowing to never come back. I will go to other games, get addicted, then come back here. The ability to own more than one village and face real loss/risk is one feature that sets the game apart from all the other games like Clash of Clans, Game of War, Game of Thrones Conquest, etc.

But those games do have cool daily features that keep players engaged and the interest in the game going. I like Gwendoline and her wheel and all, but shes only around for special events.

Game of Thrones Conquest uses the Tavern in each keep to keep players logging in every day. While we daily rewards with resources, the Tavern there cycles rewards, so sometimes you get experience points, sometimes resources, sometimes coins. They recently implemented a new feature - a Port, where a ship delivers new rewards and supplies every 5 minutes (they really are trying to keep people playing). Its so far been random rewards but always some form of resources, wood, copper, stone, etc.

I think some sort of Daily Market Reward or even Hourly Market Rewards would be nice for the Market. Like 1,000 wood, or 1,000 Clay, or 1,000 Iron. It would be able to make up for the many hours that can go between Resource Deposit tasks.

Just adding an additional perk to staying active and engaged, and growing, could really help liven up the game.