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  1. ThatDamnBox

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    New tribe formed literally overnight.
    Now with less than 50 members is about to overtake WTF as the 2nd Largest tribe in the World, at over 1.5million points per member, with 100% activity.

    Should the world be worried? Yes, they should.

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  2. wreckingball

    wreckingball Spearman

    Did you guys win yet?
  3. schlager7

    schlager7 Spearman

    Hi, box.
    See you REAL soon.
  4. ThatDamnBox

    ThatDamnBox Guest

    OoooooOoOoohhh sounds like fun. ;)
    ETC is and has still been growing exponentially since becoming #1 in the world with the fewest members of all the main tribes, doesn't seem there's much anyone can do about it now.
  5. ThatDamnBox

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  6. ThatDamnBox

    ThatDamnBox Guest

    At least it's not Omerta.

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