Everything wrong with TW2


1. A world map would be much appreciated. TW had a good map system, and TW2's map system is god awful. Its to local based and the world around you is generally fuzzy. Where did the old simple map go? TW 2 needs to address this.

2. Inactive players who have put nothing into their villages aren't barbing after the month of being inactive. This needs to be addressed and fixed.

3. Tribal member limit seems to be to freaking high. people find solace in numbers on this world and that is ludicrous. its takes no skill to just hug a world.

4. No sitting? Why the hell can't we sit for other players that may go on vacation? Get it fixed.

5. The forums system in game is messy. what happened to the old forum system from TW1? it worked well and didn't need anything done to it. Give us that.

i can go on and on about TW2 being nothing to TW1 but id be wasting my time going any further. I want answers as to why this game has picked graphics over function.


Thank you for your feedback. I'm moving your topic to Ideas and Suggestions and I will pass it on to the developers. Thanks for sharing.