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Inconsistencies with TW2 battle system


Hi, I used to play tribalwars2 on past worlds and want to rejoin. I stumbled upon the official tw2 video explaining how battle systems work, but I'm seeing problems within it.
Here's the link to the original video

On the video (4:59), it states that attack power is carried over within groups (ex. remaining axe power that is left is carried over to the cav group)
However, I did some ratios and it didn't seem correct. I will give some stats given within the video to support my point.

On the first example (1:03), it was 100 axeman vs 100 spearman, therefore, it's 4500:2500 in terms of attack power, attacker has 1.8x of defender, 41 axemen die, making survival rate 59%

On the second example, it was 100 axeman vs 50 spears + 100 swords, therefore, it's 4500:6750 in terms attack power to defending power
defender has 1.5x of attacker, survival rate is 46% (TW2 deaths seems to be calculated by ratio, everyone in the same group dies the same %)

On the third example, it was 100 axeman + 100 LCs, therefore the group ratios are 20%:80% (on who they will face)
This battle is split into two groups, the infantry group and the cavalry group
infantry group goes first

The attacker's power is 4500:1800 (2.5x of defender), and the survival rate of axemen are 75%
Right now, all this is making sense

Next is the cavalry group. According to the video, the ratio is 16375:6400 (2.55859375x of defender), and the survival rate of LC is... 65% <-- that just doesn't make sense, even more, NO axemen died (which doesn't make sense since according to the video, they are "helping out the cavalry group", which is just weird

If you were to type this up in a spreadsheet in terms of advantage vs. survival rate, it would be
1.5 0.54
1.8 0.59
2.5 0.75
2.55859375 0.65

even if you make the argument that only the LCs died and covered the entire ratio, it would be 140/475, which would make the survival rate 0.7052631579 <-- still doesn't make sense, the death rate should be lower than the 2.5x one

Therefore, the only logical explanation would be that the axe power was not carried over, making the ratio 16375:6400 (2.03125x of defender) and the survival rate of 0.65 seems to make sense now.

1.5 0.54
1.8 0.59
2.03125 0.65
2.5 0.75

This seems to make more sense right?

So I want to ask, is this a bug? If so, how does the combat system work?


EIJ when you gonna give this thing a rest. You have run it to ground here and EN forum. If you dont know the answer by now your never gonna get it