Hello everyone, I am Draco. Currently top 500, with a late start. I came from TW1 worlds 18, 20, 23, 25, 42, 48, 56. The 2nd village looked interesting so I decided to try TW2. Any tips or guides for TW2 for an old TW1 veteran?


This version is a lot better if you ask me. But only advice I can give is get the battle calculation system down. other then that its all just staying active, and farm more then any one else, like its always been in the old game that gets you to the top 100 most of the time with a little skill and watching tw2stats, to know when someone goes inactive to capitalize on it.


Since this is a Introduction from Deric Draco, I decide to post mine. Not counting that there are not many posting in this forums.

Hello Everybody, I'm a old player from TW. Worlds? 1, 2, 5 and a few others that didn't spend a long time due to work and deployments. Old player from Lord of Ultima by E.A. too, sadly that game is defund. So Now that I got time to spend farming I came back to TW2 to check it out.


DericDraco;n3264 said:
Hi Necormonger,

You mentioned deployments? What branch? I was in the Air Force many moons ago.
Army since '85. I served in the 82nd from '88 to '04. Retire in 2010 to travel the world for a few years :D I still miss New Zealand and Antarctica. Those were some good times.


Bumping this post to say a quick introduction, I've been a long time TW player starting with world 4 and playing my first year-long world in world 5. I won my first world last year in world 11 and am looking to try my hand at TW2 as well. I joined this world solo, so I'm looking for new friends and a tribe to play through to the late game :)


Hey guys. I played TW1 (.net) starting at world 57. Happy to say I ended up winning that world woo! Was part of Knock! From there I co-played and did a few on and off attempts in other worlds up to 67. After that I took a break for a few years then came back after hearing of Tribal Wars 2. Thought I would give it a shot and see how it differed and I have to say I'm quite impressed so far. Though I do miss account manager.


Incisions what tribe were you in on World 67? I was in BARB the name was *the turtle Club*
Hello I am Justin people call me Jay. I work as a lumberjack and i am also a Minister. I am new to TW but learning quick and I found a tribe I get along with. I look forward to fighting this till the end. May God(s) look down upon you and have mercy!

The Carpathian

The Carpathian here, Carp for short. been playing off and on for the better part of 9 years. played many worlds under many different account names. last world i played was w48, where i lead womble for a time. as usual, RL got in the way of me being able to run a tribe effectively. i hope to leave my mark on this world, winning or not.


Hey gang, relatively new player here. Lovin' it so far!
Shout out to Necromonger and DericDraco who posted above...
I was Air Force from '81 to '89 at Pope AFB/ Ft. Bragg and airlifted the 82nd Ariborne.
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