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Reported Issue fixed


US market instability should be fixed now

Sorry for any issues this caused.

Let me know if anything else appears.



The game is almost unplayable right now. Gray villages turning orange when you click on them, My villages turning the color of the tribe and I have to click on them twice to get it to acknowledge it is my village again. If the game can't even discern the type of village since the update, how can you say it can determine if someone is cheating or not. This is really sad.


I sent two spies. One arrived and did his job. The second, sent at the same time has yet to arrive and the "countdown" clock for him is running forward? Does this mean he will ever arrive because every second his estimated arrival time gets larger?


It was mentioned in Aethaeryn's message "Weird thing on Learne" I believe. It was the day before everything fell apart. He had one spy hit 10 minutes later and one get home I think he said 15? minutes later. I would have to go look. I would quit sending troops and spies for awhile, not worth taking chances.