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Loading... (EXE)


Hello! I am making a tribe called Loading... with the tag being EXE. Probably gonna be a small tribe, I am playing on US28 so my focus is gonna be there..just looking to have fun and rack up as much OBP as I can. HMU if you wanna join. NO MRT PLAYERS OR MINDSETS PLEASE! I KNOW IT IS FOR FUN BUT I DONT WANT ANY OF THAT!

I have tribe leading experience dating back to US5, but mainly US9. TW2 experience dating back to Alwnick (US1)
Just comment and I will check ya out thanks guys have fun


I don't understand. Did this world finally open? tw2-tools has had it listed since last Thursday, but I'm unable to join.

Good luck with your tribe!


World is open, start in NW please. Just ask to join in application


I joined NW, but the good players in my province went to JPC instead. Sorry mate