Alright i guess 1 week from world opening is a good time as any,

Top 10 tribes SO FAR:

TOP 6:
For obvious reasons this isnt a top 10 list, there are no longer enough players in a VP world to fill 10 proper tribes.

Rank 1: IKD
Off to a POWERFUL start we have the MRT masterclass IKD, positioning themselves with a strong presence, well, everywhere but particularly in the NW and SW core provs and the SE. 1 week in with 100 members it will be interesting to see if they push higher or try and consolidate what they have currently considering they have as many people as the next 3 tribes combined.

Rank 2: O.P
Seem to favour the East side of the map but still got some players spread through the SW core prov and the NW 'rim'. Recently they have been shellshocked by the unprovoked declaration of war by the Rank 1 IKD who had only just agreed to keep diplomacy neutral for the early part of the game while everyone was getting settled. Truely it will be exciting to see how O.P bounce back against IKDs needless aggression which has caught them by surprise.

Rank 3: POI
With an excellent spread along the SW/NW Rim this is a tribe with a plan. What exactly that plan is remains unclear but after their recent declaration of war on IKD we can gleen its certainly not going to be one of tribal hugging and sitting quietly. with a strong postion with their back to the edge of the map this tribe is set to do well provided its players can consolidate their provinces and hold their own in combat.

Rank 4: SIN
Split into 3 parts of the map this tribe is going to struggle to support. However its primed for expansion provided its players can dominate their area. A risk it all or bust strategy? Or an unplanned result of recruitment? Whose to say.

Rank 5: ACR
Spread around the NE Rim, they are in a great position to pressure O.P from behind if they recruit a few more players and strengthen their presence.

Rank 6: EXE
Best couple from this tribe will merge into another when they get a good offer or when the rest of their team is picked off. Whichever comes first.

See you in another week Players!


Okkie, weekly updates are a bust, but I will persist,
Week 4 is here and so am I for another Update!

Top 10 Now:

PLEASE NOTE! The map is Not up to date as the owners and coders for havent gotten any donations and dont see the point in keeping their servers running on a loss. IF only there were a big multi million dollar company that supported interesting and vital to the community services like this map maker. After TWTools got shut down for more or less the same reason (cant run ads cause Inno, not enough donations), it would be sad to see this substitute die as well. Maybe Motown can spare some change considering his only spent 'a couple $80 coin packages' this world and we all know what kind of funds his capable of dumping into this game : )

TOP 7:
Congrats all this world has managed to put together 7 Relevant tribes instead of 6!
Improvement! now lets see how long we stay at these heavy heights before dropping back down to earth.

Rank 1: IKO*
MY GOD this tribe has gone from STRENGTH to Strength, with the power couple of Motown and collinso03 they have manged to take multiple villages off the helpless O.P players, masterful coining of Nukes and spamming of Decivers has allowed them to push deep into O.P territory with coordinated support from their tribe to boot. They have clearly cleared out the rif raf from their tribe and are now down to their essentual 91 players looking to take on the rest of the world solo im sure.

Rank 2: O.P
And in rank 2 we have the tribe clinging to life against the relentless attacks of IKO's best. Aside from a small cluster reaching around into the NW they appear to have stuck to the Eastern half the map, not having the skill or manpower to contest the whole map at once like IKO are doing. Having MRTed their way to 75 members they have certainly got the member count to stand up to the Number 1s but do they have the skill? That remains to be seen...

Rank 3: POI
A month into the world and POI are strongly established along the West side of the map, having tousled and fought with IKO they have established themselves as a force that is Relevant to the world (something that is painfully rare on VP worlds). However they no longer hold an uncontested flank with some new contenders spawning in behind them on the rim in the west, How POI react to them will be interesting, Merge a tribe? Kill them all? or an uneasy truce....

Rank 4: TAE
And here we have the tribe DEFYING THE ODDS, spawning a few weeks into a VP world and managing to get enough players to contend with the 'big' established tribes. TAE have spawned on the far West rim and have created pressure for POI as a result. With a couple strong players in their midst they have a chance at contributing something interesting to this world.

Rank 5: SIN
Well this tribe still exists so its outdone my standards for it as far as im concerned. The next question however is are they going to actually do anything this world or are they happy to chill in their 2/3 provs.

Rank 6: ACR
STILL Spread around the NE Rim, they are STILL in a great position to pressure O.P from behind if they HURRY UP recruit a ALOT more players and strengthen their presence BY ACTUALLY GROWING AND TAKING VILS.

Rank 7: TRS
Couple players chilling in the SE, only thing making them Relevant is that their somewhat grouped and actually have a tiny bit of space from other world powers to grow a bit.

See you in 'another week' Players!
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Well we have just pushed past Week 6 of this world and things certainly have happened!

The Map Page has had an update and is a bit of a pain to work out but atleast its back and we have MAPS once more : )

TOP 5:
Back down to 5 relevant tribes (and im being generous here).

Rank 1: O.P
OUT OF NOWHERE this tribe has stormed into first place overtaking the former rank 1 IKO who were looking SO STRONG until this point. Truely an unexpected turn, the question remains now however, can O.P hold onto that first place or will they turn out like the former kings of the world...
With an increased membership and a large Village lead on the next tribe they look to be in a strong position never the less.

Rank 2: POI
They see to be doing ok, they have also overtaken IKO and seem to have done a bit of recruiting on the East side of the map, we shall see how that works out for those players isolated from the rest of their tribe.

Rank 3: IKO*
IKO appears to have been doing some trimming of their membership and has cleared out all of their inactives since we last reviewed them. Good on them! It has however resulted in them dropping a few positions in rankings, NO MATTER with their new and improved lightweight tribe im SURE they will bounce back and retake their position at the TOP........ right?

Rank 4: TAE
Still chilling in the West, Someone let me know what their diplo is i cant tell if they are Just NAPing everyone or fighting people. Anyways, still rank 4 still doing ok.

Rank 5: SIN
Holy crap they still LIVE! Look at that SPREADDDDDD. pretty sure 80% of this tribes points are from that 1 guy that got rejected by O.P but good on them for hanging around 6 weeks into the world.

Rest of the tribes are just waiting to die or merge (same as SIN but they have been doing it long enough for special recognition lol).
I think the rest of my Updates will be a couple sentences long considering im quickly running out of tribes to talk about.

See you in 'another week' Players!


"out of nowhere" lol as if disbanding the opposing teams tribe and making well over 3/4 of the players quit is "out of no where". Oh man lolol...



Well that was fun, Made a tribe, disbanded a tribe, merged a tribe in 6 weeks. then AFKed for another 6 weeks until a bunch of other people nobled enough barbs to call it our win. shout out to Crazy for memeing IKO into oblivion, good world to do it considering we would have killed them in another week anyways and I cant imagine how angry people would be if we did it on a world that actually mattered, and where we werent clearly going to win already.

This world was a good time killer while we waited on the EN Dom world, but honestly a VP US world is at best a nice distraction at this point. There is no competition because no good players want to waste their time on a game mode which rewards sim city play style. I dont have a solution though, since there arent enough players left to do good competitive DOM worlds as often as they open VP AND DOM worlds. So perhaps this is best...