The Carpathian

I will update these maps once weekly. I'll try my best to keep track of more than just top 10 tribes. Here is the first set:

Top 10 Tribes

Top 10 Players(Points)

Top 10 Players(Bashpoints)

Currently trying to figure out a way to keep track of conquers, but i have no solutions yet. If anyone has any ideas for ways i can improve the maps, or has any ideas for new maps let me know, because i am open to suggestions. Thanks :)



I don't think there is a known way to track conquers without a bot though, so unless the creator of TW2-Tools is looking into it, I have no solution for that. xP
He's on the EN forums quite a lot though, so you could always hop over there and shoot him a message to find out.


I wanted a new map so I made one myself. Sorry no bells and whistles. Ain't nobody got time for that.


So it's Tuesday and we all know what that means (not like anyone cares because no one posts on this forum anyway)
It's map update day! (Please try and contain your excitement)

Some things to note for those of you that aren't actively involved on world 5 but interested in what's going on (does anyone fall into this category?)
-TLI was absorbed by TLC (no surprise here TLI has been dead and pretty much part of TLC since Vorbic quit)
-Really not much to see here after the top 6. DoD, MLP, CHA, GTS are all kinda falling or fallen apart (sorry guys you know it's true)

Rim ya later,