News Mass Recruitment


Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

Are you prepared to recruit your units more efficiently than before?

New Feature


You now have the possibility to recruit units in several or all your villages using one screen only. Go to your Overviews and select the Units tab. Here you can find the new Mass Recruitment feature. To use it you will need to activate the feature on the top left. Activating it will allow you to specify which units you want to recruit, and in which of your villages.

When you have selected the units you want and in which villages you want to recruit them, you can either press the button in the upper right corner to recruit them for the selected group, or chose the button next to it to recruit them in the marked villages only.

If you hover over the individual recruitment buttons you will be able to see how many troops will be recruited respectively. It will also show a stop sign if you can't recruit the units in specified village(s).


  1. that the values inputted are the total that players want to have in the village and not the number of troops to recruit.
  2. There is a full explanation of the tool when hovering the activation button.
  3. When it is not possible to fulfill the recruitment order (lack of free population, resources) then the desired values are downgraded, the player can see the adjustment in blue numbers bellow the unit icons while hovering the recruit action button


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