Monthly OBP comp - MAY


Tribal Wars 2 Team
I don't know how it could count for April. It was late even for May, reuscher. I am afraid that Cokky is correct, we need to have the reports time stamped within the same month.

Results from June:

I am posting the prizes as we speak! Congrats to Dancing Ted Danson, cokky, and Wanted! (You just squeaked that one out, Ted!)


Tribal Wars 2 Team
It turns out I had an error in the calculation of Wanted's OBash for May.

I calculated the OBash for the units shown as lost, but now I understand that the OBash being reported wasn't from the loss of ~25K Axe Fighters, some rams, and a paladin. (That is where I got the roughly 100K.) That was what Wanted LOST, not the damage done.

Wanted was actually reporting the difference in OBash from 235.018 to 390,052, as shown in his summary information. That total would have been roughly 155K OBash, and should have won 1st place.

...but there is a second problem. I should have disallowed Wanted's entry altogether. There is no time stamp on that summary information. Wanted could theoretically have any number of attacks in between those screenshots of summary information.

Now, I am fairly certain that Wanted was not cheating, and that the numbers presented were accurate. I make no accusations whatsoever. I merely note that I should not take Wanted's post as sufficient evidence.

So, here is what I am going to do:
  • I am going to give Wanted 200 crowns, the difference between first place and the third place I actually awarded. (This is because I did accept his entry, and it would have won if I had read it correctly.)
  • I am also going to give SavageNeo 300 crowns, because I inadvertently gypped him out of third place.
  • The prizes to cokky and Dancin Ted Danson will not be affected. (Not their fault I am a spazz. LOL)
  • I am going to disallow future posts where I cannot actually see the units that were killed. (I guess that means you can't lose the battle and win the crowns, but... strangely, I am kind of OK with that. Win the battle and you might get a reward. Losing nobly at best gets you mentioned in epic songs of your bravery... but it doesn't bring home any crowns.)
Fair enough?