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    I know this game is still technically in beta but it seems like you guys removed all the great features that were in the original. Most of my suggestions in this thread and the last thread were stuff that was in original to be honest the only thing the sequel has going for it is that it looks pretty.

    1. Ability to use BB Code in tribe profile page & personal profile page.

    2. When under diplomacy section in tribe add a link to the profile page for each tribe you have listed there.

    3. Add more events to events section like there was in original game. Promotions,Changing Tribe Profile, Inviting Members and so forth

    4. Have a public and member only profile page for the tribe.

    5. Add a friend system like in original so you can see when they online.

    To sum it up put all the great features the original had into the sequel.
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    Thank you for the suggestions!
  3. the 300

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    Jan 10, 2015
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    Account sitting PLEASE.

    I'm not sure if you guys added the hidden topics section in the tribe forum or not. If no, then please add that for the council.
  4. incognitoxx1

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    Jan 13, 2015
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    Ability to DRAW on Dynamic maps or static maps for battle plans and such

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