Need to be solved


Hello there, I would like to make some suggestions:
1- ppl should be able to switch constructions (that didnt start yet) in the queques, its rediculous that u have to cancelled 3 or 4 buildings and loose resources if u need fast another one, same goes for units in barracks.
2- Resource deposits only appear in the browser, not for the app.
3- Barracks, stables and workshops should be separated as in tw1, its really slowing down the game speed.
4- There it shall be the option to move reports to new tabs so that important ones dont get lost.
5- There it shall be an indicator to check wether a mail u sent has been read or not (as in tw1).
6- Tribes shall be ranke by their 40/50 top players points and the max amount of players per tribe shall be reduce (as in tw1, actual system just create a foolish ranking thats just lame).
7- When u select the players ranking, it shall start by showing where u are, not the top player in the server.
8- Increase the size of the provinces/kingdoms and make an easier way to look for it (actual with weird names and the really long list sucks).


Thank you very much for all the suggestions, they are great! I will write them down and pass them to the developers. Thanks again.