New Player Mentorship / Protection


One thing I've noticed about this game is that occasionally new players do join (i know it is hard to believe but it does happen) but they quit fairly quickly.

Part of this is because these worlds shape up so quickly - sometimes within days - with premade tribes entering in the first few hours, that it is impossible for new players to ever really learn. At most they have a week of protection to learn about all of the nuances of the game and try to survive before they get crushed as soon as the experienced players are out of protection.

The experienced tribes (especially when they are small) limit their memberships so the noobs rarely get a chance to learn from the pros. Even in our tribe, we'll have 50-100 applications the first week. We can't possibly go through them, nor can we accept them because we would be an MRT if we did.

What ends up happening is that because of the steep learning curve to really be good at this game, it can't attract any new players. The same veterans keep fighting each other over and over again.

I know there are many facets to a potential solution.

Ideally you have have "beginners" worlds that let people learn before they graduate to advanced worlds. But the problem with that is that some veteran players will start new accounts and go troll beginners - though you should be able to track IPs, browsers, and devices.

Maybe there is an advantage given to a tribe that has new members. Maybe everyone plays free-for-all in the first few weeks of the world before tribes are allowed to be formed - at least partially mitigating tribes ganging up on noobs to clear their province.

Maybe an account can accumulate "champion points" for global rankings, which not only deters people from setting up multiple accounts, but also incentivizes great players to play on advanced worlds. If they play on a beginner's world they get virtually nothing toward their rankings.

I feel bad sometimes. We need to clear our provinces and control my area but it isn't even fair. Some of these poor players don't stand a chance. They beg to join and I have to turn them away. We usually kindly tell them to reset. It is better they turn to barbs than wasting a noble on some poor noob.

Anyway, this isn't really a feature suggestion as it is a core problem with the growth of the game that needs to be solved. Smarter minds than mine can probably come up with a better solution.



I like the champion points. It's a good cross world way of showing how good you are.
In addition I think you could add a casual world for beginners. One that resets every month or two. No win, jest learning.