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New world on beta!

Greetings Tribal Warriors,

Today we are happy to announce a new world on our beta community, Tempus. For this year we have a different and more meaningful plan for our beta community.

From now on, our beta worlds will be limited to three months only after this the world will be restarted, and configurations can be changed to a new round.

Our goal is to attract as many players as possible in order to test and improve the quality of our game, and with this in mindwe decided to bring a few more changes.

The winning tribe will win a grand total of 40 000 crowns to be divided equally among all tribe members. If need be to round the number, it will be rounded up. We hope that this will create an incentive for smaller and more active tribes.

However, this is not all, the prizes for the winning tribe can be credited (in full per player) in any of the Tribal Wars 2 communities.

And exclusively for the beta, you can still win 1500, 1000 and 500 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively for the following categories:
General ranking,
And Offensive bash points,

This round has just started on the 19th of April and will end on the 19th of July, so join now on beta community.

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