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Next World: VP or Domination?


Has it been decided whether the next world will be VP or domination? If not, would you consider setting up a poll to see what the community wants and linking to it with one of those in-game news pop-ups so we can get people voting who don't normally visit the forums?


I don't know yet which it will be. Soon as we know we will pass along the information.


So in short, once again INNO will play silent tongue and deaf ear to their sources of income. And make the mods be the bearer of this bad news, again. I hope one day one of INNO game's "surveys" hold questions that we may accurately inform them on how we feel about the game, and not how we play the game, for that part is well known by all, and does not need to be asked again from the same old survey they always send out.

I for one believe a Poll is an excellent decision when making this next world either VP or Domination.


I can only give as I receive. Sorry ya'll
Ya'll...Southern indeed. I have been away from the South for way too long. So sad.

I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed the VP world. There are none of those pesky red axes, no need to go through massive incoming attack logs, and I can log on at my leisure to viciously attack those who refuse to fight back. Although, these barbs refuse to return my mail, it's quite rude. I am professing my superiority, the least I could get is a little acknowledgement.

Not quite the way I envisioned this going when I returned from the European servers. Personally, I blame Sizzlesaints!!

In all seriousness, thanks for letting us know Beez.