Overview Improvements


Hello once again TW2 Community :).

Now, I'm having issues with the overview. It's kinda clunky. I believe there can be simple improvements that will go a long way.

First thing first, Why is there a 25 limit? Why can't you pick 25/50/75/100 like you can for the ranking system? I really feel that is inefficient having to change what tab you are, especially when you're large..
--Suggestion : Add increased limit choice.

Next, I like to know exactly how many troops I have. I usually count it up myself.. It's a pain I'm unsure if there is. I did look.
--Suggestion : At the very end of your overview

Spear Sword Axe Total
50k | 65k | 1BILLION | 5,506,518,145
I think you guys get the point

Next, I would want an easy way to check my support. There is no easy efficient way to check your support without going to village to village. So, i propose a support tab. Just like the villages tab. It will save developers a good amount of time as mostly it's a copy and paste work. The support would ofcourse be in ABC order showing troops and such.


Androsthos your points are valid. Let me take them one at a time.

-I have to agree we need to be able to change the number of lines on a page for the overview to fit our own play.

-A total of troops at that bottom of the page would be a bit much but if we could have total counts for each village that would be helpful. I mean a stationary total at all times even when we send them out. So the first page of the overview can work for this, just keep the counts stationary.

-Now it has been brought up to have a page of where our support is from each village on one page, so it is easier to find when we need to pull and send elsewhere.


Very much in support Androthos and have gotten the news this will be forwarded to the devs for consideration this week.