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please start domination


we know cheating when we see it lol. that sounds like them. but they can't catch someone using a farming script even though it's the easiest cheat to spot from anyone playing the game. i've spotted so many using one on enemy tribes on every world but they never get caught and use them the entire game to an unfair advantage. it's so easy for a player to tell when someone is using one and yet the actual people assigned to identify these players can't ever figure it out. I just wish they could get rid of the cheats and the loopholes. it's just not as fun when it's not an even playing field. i don't mind losing one on one but i hate it when i see someone using farming scripts and then that player can outgrow me ten to one. That's just one of the many issues of course. If it hasn't changed in the past five or so years i'm sure it's not going to change now. Congrats on the win by the way, i'm sure it will take them several more days to announce it and then another month before they ever close the world as usual.


I actually agree on the farming script if and when noone was allowed or did use them i would always get thief of the day. Since i dont use them now best i can do manually is about 5th on a busy server really not fair there.


wait, there are farming scripts? man, i've been playing all wrong. :D I'm still sending farming runs using hotkeys. Hours upon hours of roundtrip farming runs. where have I been?