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Mounted Archer
It's a baby world, the fun is just beginning...
So let's see what you think will happen in the coming weeks/months :)
Will the top 10 tribes shift endlessly? Will a new tribe show up soon and blow them all away? Do you see a tribal merge happening soon?

*Remember to play nice and follow the RULES, folks*


I recommend you delay the opening of the next world but an extra month or 2 otherwise it will be sad just like that last world lol.
World 22 came out too early I would say, only about 7k accounts joined. Not enough to really get any rim tribes going like previous worlds. World 20 had a similar issue where only 9k accounts were in prior to 21 release.
20 had some big names join on both sides of the war, however so that helped it not be so one-sided for sure.
Should be fun to see what trend this world takes and see who joins.


Unfortunately the only way 19 and 20 are going to close is if we have a tribe win the worlds with the 80% required. ;)


I'll pop my head in for real once U world is closed :) Until then, kill everything.

That is, if I don't get sent into timeout for Timmy telling on me for something I didn't do =\


Map for World 22 as of Apr. 25 2017
Did top 5, plus 6th for the runner up spot.
1 - LIT - Elite
2 - WAR - Warlords
3 - PTP - theP2PGathering
4 - D-W - Death Watch
5 - EON - Legion
6 - MK1 - Mortal Kombat


Damn, well one thing for sure. All the top five tribes are placed pretty strategically, be that by design or just chance haha