Province Claiming

Jeffrey I

I don't have much experience with Tribal Wars so I don't know all of the conventions and protocols.

Another player tells me that he has claimed an entire province nearby. He claims that province claiming is a protected and accepted practice and if I violate it by taking a village in the province he claimed, his entire tribe is in their rights to attack my tribe.

Is this a thing? Or is he just trying to play me?


Depends on the terms of the NAP/ALLY agreement if any are in place, if none are than you can take them however be ready for the blacklash, speak to one of your tribe leaders for specifics on this case.


Believe thats the case with majority of the top tribes. It is an agreement between naps and alliances, but can also be considered as an act of war outside of diplo to other tribes.
Most agreements state "One can not noble in a province in which (a) tribe member (b) ally already own a village. One must ask permission to enter said province from said player. one must not attack another player in a tribe without written permission from leader/warlord. All other villages are free game unless other wise mark in tribal forum." (usually when a claim is made tribe leaders give them a time period before it is nullified)