Release 1.93 Discussion


The devs completely missed the mark on the coloring thing. The idea was to be able to color your enemies different colors so you could tell them apart. For instance, if you had two enemies, you could make one tribe a darker shade of red than the other. This would make it easier to prioritize targeting one enemy over another. Instead, they made it so you can change the colors, but all enemies are still the same color. It's completely pointless. They might as well have left it how it was.


More options to the coloring feature! YESSSS! This is exactly what TW2 was missing! I wonder what crazy colors they will come up with next:eek:
I am hoping for fill patterns next. :D

Did they fix the mobile app bug? #mobilelifematters
Remember that I am new here. What mobile app bug?

They have noted a bug fix regarding the shop on android, that causes a crash. Is that the one?


I'm probably not able to track it specifically, then. Let's hope it was addressed as part of the stability improvements.

If it is still a problem after the update, let me know and I will get a formal bug report submitted and tracked.


Whenever I'm asked what should be the next update, I always tell them that this game really needs revamped colors. Not bug fixes, or better protection from players using farming scripts, or the excessive lag everyone experiences in game every now and then, NO, I tell them MORE COLORS. Because thats totally what this game needs rn. Now we will really bring this game back to life :rolleyes:


We are aware of the problem, and expect a fix very soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.