Sabotage cost in resources.

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  1. LGLynx

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    My suggestion here is to set a resourcecost on sabbotage. Like 20 000 of each resource per sent sabotage and the cost of the spies. Couse as it is nuild a megadef city and barbmuch form start and you will be able to send say 20 sabbotages every 6 hour. The chance to cause som dmg is high and 15 hits. That is 15 lvl and on higher lvls that is 8h+ building a lvl. So you are never really given a chance to defend against this force. So there for the increase cost of resources of it. might even be more expensive or cheaper.
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    Thank you for sharing your idea, I will write it down for the developers.
  3. LGLynx

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    And they should be more expensive for each attack sent. And max 5 in a 24 h period. And you should be able to have a counterattack aswell, a skill in the tavern that turns the spies over to defender and they sabotages in the villige they once came from.
  4. LGLynx

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    So what happening couse this turns out to be an gameexploit more then anything. In 1 hour now i had 18 incomming. How to def against that when they sending them has ultra def cities and no offense at all??
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    Feb 3, 2015
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    Maybe another countermeasure @ level 15 of the tavern that increases spy defense against sabotage attacks. As things stand right now, you can reduce or get reduced to having a nice army guarding a pile of rubble with no chance of defending. Kinda takes the strategy out of this game S stands for spies.
  6. Llium

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    The way things are now, the Sabotage function has been completely emasculated. I've attacked the same village 5 times with 3 and four spies each time, and NOT ONE ATTACK resulted in a loss of a building point. It's useless as a Hall Of Orders.

    My suggestion is this. If you want a THIEVES Guild, make them Thieves. Let them target the Warehouse of an enemy city and steal resources. Let them target the Statue of an enemy city and steal one of the Paladin's Weapons. Maybe it would be possible for the spies to just be more effective, having a better chance of gathering info without being killed, or let the Hall of Orders create Super Spies who, if successful, can go to an enemy city and stay there (like a support), but will instead hinder the defenses of the city (lower their luck, reduce the effectiveness of the walls, etc...).

    If you want Assassins, then make them Assassins. Have them able to kill Officers (Master of Loot, Grandmaster, Medic, Tactician, Deceiver, etc..., maybe even the Paladin or a Noble.)

    Nobody seems to like Sabotage the way it is... not even the poor saps who chose it. This feature really needs to change.
  7. LGLynx

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    Another point of veiw again. The sabbotage crew will cost 50% of the value on the lvl of the building they destroy. Say the building costs 50 000 resources each to build that lvl. The sabbotage crew takes 25 000 of each as a bounty for their action. That will cover the family expences. If you dont have that resources in your village that you sent them from they will sabbotage in the village they where sent from. Noone works for free and when you try to cheat them on ther pay, you get punished.

    This way the spamming of the sabotages will not be as powerful as they are right now. And you cant send 20-25 sabotage groups. Well you can but the resoucecost will be huge. That is a fair way to just even them out to the rest of the game i think.
  8. LGLynx

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    Its kind of rediculas when 3 players with about 20 orders of theifs guild attacking 1 player. That is just what i experiance right now. And minus 55-60 levels a day and village is alittle overpowered. Dont you?
  9. LGLynx

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    And as i calculated now its possible for them to destroy 120 lvls per 24 houres per village. Jsut rediculas and very brooken.
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    Find the guy who REALLY doesn't like sab trains

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