Sabotage Issue


I'm currently trying to investigate a temporary fix for the permanent population lose from a sabotage.

What I need:
Players who have received a sabotage attack that succeeded. Please reply with:
-Player name(ingame)
-Village Name where sabotage occured
-A screenshot of the report, or make sure the report exist and give me the date and time(convert local time to est please)

If you don't feel like posting this information on the forums you can send me a pm with the information above.


Ok. I have found a temporary fix. If you have been a victim of a sabotage attack, you can send in a ticket and I will reset your population. Please be aware that sending in a false ticket won't give you any benefits.

I will only reset the villages listed in the ticket. Posting in this thread won't give you a reset.


Thanks for taking care of this, Slayan!

Once you guys fix the bug, hopefully you can just run a script across everyone's villages to fix whatever lost population there is.