saving preferences


Hey, I was wondering if anyone else had the problem of not having their preferences saved.
Every time I close tw and open it up again the music is up again and I have to go into my settings and turn it off.
I also have to go into my presets to bind the hotkeys every time.
Anyone know what I could do to save this stuff?
Am I blind or what? Is there a 'save' button?

Hans Humpty

I haven't had this problem personally, and there is no save button on browser at least for chrome there isn't.
What device are you playing on?


Cookies, those are saved in cookies, if u delete cookies on close or something similiar u have to keep doing it


than whats ur question?
It's still the same one, they don't save.
Even if I keep my browser open and close the tab, I have to set hotkeys and music back to how I want.
If I close my browser, everything is lost.
No, It doesn't delete the cookies or cache.


If this continues to be a problem, I would contact support with a ticket. They will investigate and pass the problem on if they find it is an issue or tell you how to get it fixed.