I propose we have ships, and rivers and dams.

Here it is:
Detailed description of the idea: Add ships and rivers, basically adding ships that can accompony the attack, they deal massive damage and are hard to defend, unless you know what you are doing. Multiple ships, including defense, offense, and transport. Defense would help with all forms of defending, not just ships. They deal extra damage to seige units, and other ships, and deal smaller damage to ground and cavalry. Another defense ship could be special against cavalry and ground units, and deal smaller damage to seige/ships. Offense ships would be like catapults/rams, they deal major damage to buildings, and smaller damage to walls. They specialize against heavy cavalry, and would be used as seige units. They are weak against defensive ships/trebuchets. Transport ships could carry a lot of resources, or they could carry troops much faster. A maximum amount of troops, maybe around 2k provisions, and ships could carry around 200k resources. Ships would cost the most in the game, far more than any other troop. Something around 80k wood, 50k clay, and 65k iron? Too much maybe.
Ships could be built from a shipyard, or another order in hall of orders. Ships could only attack other cities connected to rivers
Rivers: Rivers could allow ships to transport, rivers could look like the kingdom boundaries, but add more of them around the world, connecting to a city. There is a x percent chance you will start off connected to a river, but if you don't want to have a river connected you could build a dam to stop the river connecting to you. This would stop ships from attacking your city, or have any ship activity in that city. If a city has a dam, and is conquered, the dam breaks, like a church type of thing.
Reasoning for the change: It would add so many possibilities, and the game would be so much more fun. It would be the path for future updates, it would attract many players, and I think people would spend more time on it.
Positive aspects: More fun, more gameplay, and more bashpoints. It would open the door for more ideas. It would attract more people, and people would play more.
Negative aspects: It would create a sinkhole in resources, as they cost so much. It would also be hard to implement rivers in the older worlds.
What will this mean in terms of buildings and units balancing: Heavy Cavalry would be more balanced, it would make trebuchets more relevant, it would balance the hall of orders, if they decide to add the order. It would make it easier to siege, and give the offense an edge. Tribal wars 2 seems to help the defense more than offense, but with this it helps offense a little more, so they would be balanced.


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There is a moderator in charge of sorting through Ideas and adding them to either a list for the devs, or the list to be suggested in the future. So every thread will eventually be addressed.

Personally, I think it is way too big a change to the game. If it is ever considered it will be post completion. I doubt this will be implemented though, the change would be far too great, too disruptive to how game play currently works.
It wouldn't balance the current game as much as I think you believe, if anything it would unbalance it more than it is.

It's an interesting idea, just not a feasible one in terms of this game, in my opinion. Maybe a Tribal Wars 3 or something...


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They wouldn't be able to implement it in older worlds. Currently there is no fix for the current province bug, and they were unable to implement the Invite feature on older maps. Each update/map changing feature requires optimising and changing of how the map generates. Which means for the most part the older worlds won't see a serious change to the map lay out.


I feel if done right, it could make the kingdoms MEAN something, or have bridges between kingdom that tribe have to fight to control