Stargard Realm Competitions


Tribal Wars 2 Team

Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

Welcome to Stargard, a Domination world that started on Dec 17, 2019!

World Victory Conditions

The Tribe Domination event will be triggered manually by Support when the best Tribe owns at least 70% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes on a realm. We will check the data regularly, so the event can be triggered in time.

As soon as the Tribe Domination is activated, players will no longer be able to register on this realm. The existing players are now invited to fight it out and to dominate this realm. In order to dominate a realm, a Tribe has to own at least 80% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes. Once a Tribe dominates a realm, all members of the winning tribe will get 200 crowns. Additionally, the top three players will receive 1500/1000/500 crowns in the following categories:
  • Rank (based on points)
  • Units defeated as attacker
Logins will be turned off approximately one week after the realm is won.

Realm Competitions

A Little History

Contrary to what you might think, Stargard got its name not from science fiction, but from the Pomeranian for 'Old Castle'. The most northerly existing version of a so-called 'hill castle', this relatively small fortification was built in the middle of the 13th century to protect the border of Ascanian Margraves of Brandenburg. The hamlet of Stargard became a town during construction, in 1259.

The castle has been damaged and rebuilt several times, both as a result of conflict and weather. (The building was struck by lightning in 1646 and burnt out.) The latest reconstruction was performed after the German reunification. At various times, the castle has been used as a local mint, as a restaurant and a hostel. It currently is a museum and cultural center, hosting many weddings in its chapel due to the picturesque setting.

Our Realm Competitions are as follows!


Goal: The town is the local mint. Be one of the first players to produce a coin!


1st Prize: motown21, 1500 crowns

2nd Prize: cokky, 1000 crowns
3rd Prize: babayega, 500 crowns

Goal: Monthly posts of battle reports showing
the most troop losses. YOUR LOSSES, not your opponents!


1st Prize: 500 crowns
2nd Prize: 400 crowns
3rd Prize: 300 crowns

See below for detailed rules

Any ties between entries for either contest will be broken by time of posting, with earlier posts winning the tie. Forum date and time is the official clock.

Monthly Battle Reports - Ongoing Challenge

We will have monthly prizes throughout the duration of the world of 500/400/300 crowns. Battle reports will be ranked by most provisions lost by the posting player. Battle reports may be either attacks or defenses. We must see the complete casualty list from the posting player.

Prizes will be awarded on or near the first day of the month, for the previous month.
All entries must show the date of the attack, and must be posted within the month for the prize.
(For example, a winning report posted on the first day of the next month will be disqualified.)
Players may enter multiple times during the month, but only their largest loss will be counted.

A reminder that all normal game rules apply to these contests!
Only one account per player.
No pushing! Using other accounts or coops to achieve a goal will result in disqualification.

Good Luck! And Happy Hunting!
Your Tribal Wars 2 Team