Styling On You


Greetings potential players of World 10!

I will be planning to start a tribe at the start of Juval's launch. Here is some information:

Name: Styling On You [SOY]

Membership: Small, concise. We'll look for 10 members and expand upwards to an early soft-cap of 25. Mid-world the cap may be raised to 50. This is not an MRT and I will not treat my members like they are part of one.

Note - I do not require provably experienced members; however, a certain level of demonstrative intellectual competency IS required.

Objective: Test the effects of the new Tribe Leveling system on the early world in regards to progression and development direction. Potentially transition into a dominant mid-world tribe through evolving leadership and organization.

Location: Those interested in joining SOY should look to start early in the SE. If you don't get to start super early, fret not. Rim workers will be accepted after looking at location.

Structure: Throughout BP, leadership will be kept pretty light, serving mainly to advise members as to how to build if questions come up - information will be distributed mainly on the tribe forums. As BP falls off, squads (previously established before BP's end) will become more autonomous and information will be conducted through the proper channels mainly in the form of messaging.

Leader [Founder] > Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, Diplomat, Recruiter [Advisory Council] > Squad Leaders

That is all the relevant information I could think of. If something has gone unanswered, feel free to ask it in the comments below. If interested in this tribe, feel free to PM my forum account and/or look for me in game on W10.



Credentials: I've only played on TW2 world (World 9) where I am currently ranked #1 in points and #2 in OBP (moment of silence for my failure). I don't have any document-able leadership talent from TW1, but I've been on councils and held roles like defensive coordinator. If you need more than that, you are probably too uptight for my tribe. /deuces


I also think it is important to note that I do not believe in hugs, and my diplomacy will reflect that. If you want hugs, go ask your parents. If you don't have parents, I am sincerely sorry for you.