This makes no sense

Colonel A

I realize that we are real close to this World ending, but for one stupid reason I'm still playing. Hell OTA is only at 78.7% domination.

I launched a noble train at an abandoned vil, xxxxdddd's village. Each attack was 200 LC, 200MA and 1 Noble. Attack 1 landed at 1:45:43 am. Loyalty was reduced to 66%. Attack modifier=109%, Defence modifier=50%
Attack 2 landed at 1:45:49 am. Loyalty was reduced to 46%. Attack modifier=112%, Defence modifier=50%
Attack 3 landed at 1:45:50 am. Loyalty was reduced to 25%. Attack modifier=98%, Defence modifier=50%
Attack 4 landed at 1:45:55 am. Loyalty was reduced to 3%. Attack modifier=90%, Defence modifier=50%

There were no units lost in any of the attacks. It does not make sense why my Attack modifier changed with each attack, especially going down while the village loyalty went down. I have been playing in multiple Worlds for over 2 years and this didn't make sense. I have sent noble trains before over multiple days travel that may have resulted in getting a 0 or 1% loyalty after the 4th noble landed, but those attacks were not within 12 seconds of each other. I have also sent 4 nobles, only to have the 3rd conquer the vil, and then the 4th conquer myself. Can this be explained. Thank you.

lord teja

attack modifier does not depend on Loyalty drop , so in this case your finding was just a coincidence (attack modifier decrease as loyalty reduces) . and attack modifier has a luck factor in it , which would explain different attack modifiers for different attacks .
and i have to say you are extremely unlucky to stop at 3% after attack by 4 nobles , happens to me too .

king kymeria

Mounted Archer
late game it's never a bad idea to send a 5th noble, or if you can spare it the sceptor with your pally on your first noble
Your soo loved and adored, thanks for the opportunity to troll this entire forum until well Forever...All The Worlds Most Hated Player, a good deed never goes unpunished.