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tigers suck

Well it all fits in with TLI they just taking anyone :D

They up to 25 members already.
Actually TLI is all members of TLI from previous worlds, so mass recruiting isnt what they do. Kane is a generous leader and want TLI to stand out and be able to recruit their loyal members and play by the rules. You buy your coins and spend them to get your dedicated members in the tribe.
TLI is an honest hard working and yes a coining tribe. But what world doesnt.
GamingFreeze your tribe on world 8 had huge coiners and got off to a fast start before the new tribe level system. So i dont think you have much room to talk about coins and mass recruit. I still have the skype conversations regarding members that coined heavily and got off to great starts.
Coins are there for a reason. First so innogames can continue to make this game great and second to make the game more fun for those that do spend coins. Its just like console gaming. Gamers purchase upgrade back, downloadable content to get better gear, cammos etc. Nothing different with computer gaming and Tribal Wars.
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Who in TFR coined? Many of our members just farmed the barbs extenssively. Also why are you bashing me? I have no problem with coiners. If you want to waste your money here go ahead. I also hold nothing against TLI, in fact I have no idea why they get such a bad rep.


Not a member of TLI, but if you are bringing in members from your other worlds....that makes complete sense and I wouldn't call that mass recruiting. In fact, it would be wrong to not invite your tribe mate from w12 if you are both playing in w13 as the same tribe.

I use coins too. My point was that it cant buy you very much on the resource side. And resources is what everyone needs right now.


Crown users my friend. On world 7 I saw one guy so far ahead of the rest of players it was too funny. I think he had like 3000 points to the closest 1k. But hey some people pay for success while others earn it. If I had to choose out of the current 2 I would say that the number 1 player has spent well over 500 dollars I'm guessing and doubt he has many troops. To be at 2800 points this early is insane but that's the paying world us poor people live in.
On world 7 I was number 1 for a month or two, and I didn't spend more than 1000 crowns.
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