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I know altering quotes is a favorite past time of yours, but lets keep this related to the top 10 tribes. S&M has dropped clear down to #9, and will be #10 within a few days. I wonder if they can stay in the top 10....Only time will tell!
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TOP 10 TRIBES Week 9

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Total War
The world has gone mad. What started as a struggle for power in the center of the world, has now spreading to every part of the realm. Nowhere is safe these days. The hordes of barbaric Quakers are slowly moving towards the bright and pristine cities in the Southern hemisphere. The elite soldiers of TKO and WAR have been protecting the Southern citizens from the devastation seen in the North. However, there are whispers of concern from the citizens, as their leaders have remained quiet and distant.

Increased Stability
In what appears to be an almost unnoticed change, the realms magic has quietly become more stable. Complaints from Tatia Var’s citizens have mostly vanished. The Semagonni Guild has yet to make any statement about how they fixed these magical fluctuations.

Mass Immigration?
Rumors are being spread that numerous refugees are fleeing from Tatia Var to find a safer life. Many have made statements of leaving to find a new start in Urquhart after their homes were destroyed in devastating wars.

Map accurate through Sunday night. Due to craziness that happened on Monday, this map does not include massive tribe changes/mergers within last 24 hours. (Thanks Elphame...)

I want to make clear that I am trying to be as unbiased in my assessments as possible, to give you accurate, quality content to look at on the forums.

1) Livid Quakers:
It’s good to be a Quaker. By far, they outperformed every other tribe this week. This is not an idle statement. If you combined the totals scores of the other top 10 tribes for villages/points/bp gained this week, they still wouldn’t equal LQ’s gains.
They are slowly gaining sole control over the core, pushing WAR,TKO and S&M out. Ideal situation for LQ would be to completely remove/absorb WAR from the core, and then start an all-out fight against TKO.
Top 50: 28 Members

2) The Kill Order:
A decent week for TKO. No new members, but they still grabbed a good number of villages this week. They’re continuing to strengthen their hold on the core, and have some very strong allies. They’ve played the diplomacy game well so far. If they can work out some kind of deal with Late Game Turtles and Sons of Liberty, they may cause some really big issues for LQ.
Only problem I see for them in the near future is the potential collapse of WAR. While they may be serving as a buffer between TKO and LQ, the alliance means they are also missing out on the high point villages that LQ are gaining. If possible (but highly unlikely), they should attempt to bring WAR into their tribe.
Top 50: 10 Members

3) We Always Rule:
WAR has some of the best players on the realm. With only 20 members they’ve managed to hold their own against a 150 member tribe. However, the attrition is finally starting to take a toll on WAR. They lost a net total of 7 villages, and are now having to deal with AFK members who haven’t grown in some time.
I know this isn’t going to be popular with WAR, but their best bet is to join with TKO. With how things are currently going, I give WAR 2-3 more weeks before a majority of their members are sent to the rim.
Top 50: 11 Members

4) REW:
Somehow, REW managed to grab rank 4 on the leaderboard for a short while. However, while they maintained this spot for less than 12 hours, nothing really happened with REW. They had the second to least activity this week, outside of DIE, which isn’t saying much.
Honestly, the best decision for REW is to merge into another tribe. While TKO may be the more popular choice, I think that Melon Heads would jump at the chance to have some of their more active members.
Top 50: 0 Members

5) Sons of Liberty:
A semi-boring week for SLR members. Small gains across the board. Not really much else to say here.
If things play out a certain way, I think SLR may consider joining Melon Heads, or try to join LQ.
Top 50: 1 member (nice!)

6) Hostile Intentions:
Hostile Intentions is rank 6? This was a surprise to me. I assumed most, if not all of their tribe, would merge into either TKO or WAR. But instead, they decided to do a merger and grabbed all of JAG’s (in top 15) members, and now have a decent clumping in the North Western rim.
Alliances and mergers are going to continue to be very important to HI. Hopefully we will see this tribe continue to grow and expand their empire.
Top 50: 0 Members

7) Melon Heads:
A very interesting tribe. Did you know their tribe level is now 38? That is the second highest on this realm. It appears that they have grabbed quite a few DIE players. A decent amount of new players and villages. They seem to be semi-picky about who they are allowing to join at this point, which could go either way for them.
They’re beginning to secure their place around the rim at the moment. Their next big task is most likely going to be grabbing more useful members, since they can now have space for 200 more members. Maybe they could go into talks with S&M, SLR, HI., and a couple other smaller tribes into merging with them. If Melon Heads play their cards right, they could become a real threat to both TKO and LQ.
Shoot, I would do it for those sweet farm/attack bonus stats…
Top 50: 0 Member

8) Sarcasm & Malice: (back up to rank 4 Monday night)
S&M pulled a sneaky one on me last night. I had created the map and grabbed stats on them Monday morning, and by Monday evening they had somehow managed to have WoC and TGL merge most of their members into them! They still went negative in net villages gained, but they managed to staunch the massive bleeding of members!
Great work by S&M on some much needed diplomacy. It’s a good start to fixing their shortcomings, and we will hopefully see them grab up the rest of those TGL members around them.
Top 50: 0 Members

9) Destined Imperial Empire:
Still a dead tribe. They have some decent members, but the few who are active are being welcomed into much better tribes. Nothing else to say here.
Top 50: 0 Members

10) The Great Lords:
With TGL merging into S&M, there isn’t really much else to say here. They’re still in the top 10, but the rest of their members need to quickly switch tribes to join the rest of their tribemates.
Top 50: 0 Members


1) Late Game Turtle
Still keeping LGT up here. They’ve had some decent showings in stats for a fairly small/new tribe.
Top 50: 1 Member

And now, its time for the POWER RANKINGS!

(Power rankings are based on my observations/statistics/calculations.)

Power Rankings:
1) Livid Quakers
2) The Kill Order
3) WAR
4) Melon Heads
5) Hostile Intentions
6) Sarcasm & Malice
Sons of Liberty
8) REW
9) The Great Lords
10) Destined Imperial Empire

Thank you for reading!

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