Top 5 Tribes


That's why we hold like 23 out of the top 25 right? Because of only our #1.

I will say he's put in the most work - that's fine and fair. He isn't the only one doing work. He hasn't carried us - he's aided us as many in the tribe have.


Please vVv, keep growing. You're giving me plenty of good food to eat. Although your boys barb munch like there's no tomorrow!


I know I like to joke about it and say he did, but did he really?

Gayfish Stats
Rest of S.S

Remove Gayfish from the equation and S.S has 741 villages, 3.5m points, and 20m total bash.
That is still much higher than RVS stats.
Keep looking at those numbers and you might actually believe it, truth is he's taking out the big targets and you boys eat the leftovers.
Attacking from a safe spot FeelsGoodMan.

That's why we hold like 23 out of the top 25 right? Because of only our #1.
You hold the top 20 cause some fakbois turned their tribes so they don't have to give a real fight.
This is my first approach to TW2 and I was looking forward for a good battle but meh, chikens ruined it.
At least do us all a favour and kick them back to nothingness before you win this one.
Traitors deserve the compass .


Well I can't really comment on the details - as I joined mega late. I just know based off the numbers and the chats I read - fish does the most, but even if we didn't have him we'd still be number one and by a good amount, just not as far ahead. Absolutely the best player in our tribe, but I disagree on the idea that without him we'd be screwed.


I would agree, Fish would be one of the best players ive met in this game, He helped lead WaT on W8 early on, and did a lot of damage to the other tribes. not one who i would face alone(would def have to be some of the hardest hitters on my side, at least 4 of them), and most def one i would want on my team.
I started on this world JUST to watch Gayfish kill people :)
haha Kane old friend. i still feel bad sometimes having to leave w10.

and puck its very funny that i wasnt even following the forums for a while. i just hapaned to attack you without knowing ur talks here on the forums. haha
alright kinben u made me facepalm. thats the rookiest post ive seen in a really long time. in the first place should noone tell me how to play this game ive shown world over world that i will be at the top with bash and citys. second, morale is anoying but it will never stop me. and even then what am i suposed to do, sit on 30 citys with full army and dont do anything? i rather have 50 citys and fight at little less morale. this game is about taking enemy citys no matter the cost. on top of that i cleaned all the big players from TFM PDM RVS and i only take 3-4 citys and gave the rest to you or others. the only reason ur even relevant in this world is because ive fed you all those villas.

i might not be carrying the entire tribe, but im carrying you for sure ;)


:mad: Well, I'll give you props on that. Keep carrying me to victory then! If you fail it's on you. :cool:

Psst, quit killing my nobles on our own support. #Facepalm