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These game rules as well as our Terms and Conditions ( apply to all language versions of Tribal Wars 2 and have to be obeyed by each player.

1. One account per player

Each player may have one account per world. Each player may only have access to one account per world with its corresponding password. Logging into another player's account is only allowed via the official co-playing mechanic in-game. Each world account may have one primary user and up to two coop players. Please be aware that a player who is invited to play on your account has complete control over your account's actions. You are responsible for the actions your Coop partners undertake. Items and packages bought or used while playing in another account will modify the original owner's inventory, not your own.
Sharing your password with another person is forbidden.
It is forbidden to create multiple accounts on a single world for any reason.

  • It is allowed for two or more players to use the same computer and/or internet connection, provided each player only controls the actions of his/her own account. The only exception is built-in co-op system. Please see the wiki for information on this.
  • Knowing, storing, or asking passwords for other accounts on worlds you play is 100% forbidden. If another person sends you their password, you must always report them; otherwise you risk your own account being banned.
  • You may not access any other account on any world you play, even if it belongs to a family member or if there is a dire situation. You can only access other's accounts using your own account as Coop partner.
  • It is forbidden to play for another person if they are temporarily gone, or for any other reason., except you are logging in as their Coop partner.
  • It is strictly forbidden to force entry to an account by any means including a Coop partnership.
  • When banned, a player can contact support. Creating another account in order to avoid the ban is a violation.
  • Please be aware that a player who is invited to play on your account has complete control over your account's actions. You are responsible for the actions your Coop partners undertake. Items and packages bought or used while playing in another account will modify the original owner's inventory, not your own.
2. Communication

Insulting other users and the use of language in an abusive/offensive context is forbidden.
Content that the Tribal Wars 2 team finds to be illegal, insulting, threatening, abusive, real-life-aggressive, sexual, politically extreme, religiously fanatic, racist, playing down or promoting the use of illegal drugs or the use of said substances or in any way inappropriate will be removed and actions will be taken against the account(s) held responsible for the publication of such content including a permanent ban of said account(s).
Spamming other players with in-game messages is abusive and will not be tolerated.
  • It is forbidden to advertise competitors' games, post inappropriate content or links to such. For example links to moneymaking sites, links to phishing sites or links to other games.
  • It is allowed to refer to a player as a "noob" and to criticize their way of playing using appropriate language.
  • It is against the rules to impersonate any staff member or suggest acquaintances with them.
  • Racist, illegal, discriminatory or inappropriate names or wording will lead to an immediate game ban.
  • Using any profanity, insulting language, or being abusive towards any community member is forbidden.
  • We ask players to not use account names that include whole email addresses or full names, for player safety.
  • Encouraging other players to break rules is forbidden.
3. Language

This Tribal Wars 2 server is an English game. The use of other languages in the game is forbidden. This means all communication and all publications must be in English.
In tribe forums, private communications, and player profiles a short phrase in another language is permitted, provided that this is translated to English either directly following or preceding it.
Support tickets must also be created in understandable English, otherwise we may not reply.
  • Correct translated messages and tribe content example: Hallo, wie geht es dir?- Hello how are you doing?
4. Account trading

It is not allowed to play accounts for commercial purposes. It is not allowed to sell, buy or offer accounts or parts of accounts in exchange for any outside benefit.
Trades involving more than one game world are also forbidden.
  • Selling your account or its parts (resources, Crowns, towns etc.) for money is not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to offer any content or services for real money.
  • It is allowed to offer in-game content or in-game actions as a reward for attacks on other players, or to ask for favours in return for in-game actions.
5. Bots and scripts

You can only play using browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11 or higher) or any of the mobile applications provided by InnoGames. It is strictly forbidden to use bots or scripts which (partially) automate player actions in-game. Players using such will be punished, up to and including a permanent ban.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use all bots or scripts that automatically collect your resources, using programs that mimic premium features or provide an unfair advantage, and/or to use click-bots or scripts that minimize your manual clicks or otherwise replicate human behavior.
6. Bugs

Each player is required to report errors/bugs immediately to game support to create a fair and even playing-field. A player must not take advantage of a bug, in doing so they have violated the rules.
  • If you notice that a player is abusing the system you must report him.
  • If you gain an advantage through a bug you must report this.
  • If you notice a spelling error or typo, you are not obliged to report it, however we encourage you to do so for the improvement of our game.
7. Pushing

It is forbidden to use one or more accounts that solely exists to advance the progress of another account.

It is forbidden to create trades in any form (resources, attacks, favors etc.) that involve multiple worlds and/or servers.
  • Transferring resources or troop support frequently to another account or other accounts to solely push their progress instead of your own is forbidden.
8. Fair-play

Please treat other players with the same level of respect with which you would like to be treated. Following the rules helps to create a fun and fair environment for everyone.
We reserve the right to exclude anyone from the game. Bans may be appealed via the Support System.
Tricking other players into breaking the rules will be punished. If you believe someone is breaking the rules, you may contact the support team by (instructions to help). Then, follow the steps that come up to report the person(s).
Knowingly benefiting from another player breaking the rules is prohibited and can result in your punishment. If you think you have benefited from a breach of rules, you must report this.
Please be aware that we do not refund Crowns to players who are banned for breaking the rules.

9. Miscellaneous

Members of the Tribal Wars 2 team are the final arbiters of any rules dispute. Their interpretation of these rules is final.

World accounts may be deleted after 14 days of inactivity. Please note that any Crowns left on the account will remain on the overall game account and will not be deleted.

Please keep in mind that Tribal Wars 2 is a standalone game and the rules of the original Tribal wars do not necessary apply.

The rules can be modified or changed at any time. Each rule change will be communicated within the appropriate channels.

Inappropriate behavior in the support message system can lead to an account suspension.
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