Game Update Update 1.10


Version 1.10
Hello Tribal Warriors! On Tuesday, March 3, we updated all game servers with version 1.10. This version will improve the game further and will include some bug fixes.

  • When attaching a village to your message or forum post, you can now also search for coordinates.
  • Attached villages are now distinguishable due to the display of coordinates in addition to the village name.
  • A character limitation has been set for message subjects. The limit is now a maximum of 50 characters.
  • Tribe forum threads will load much faster now.
  • The premium button in your Resource Deposit will become unavailable as soon as you have earned the maximum resources.
Bug Fixes

  • Building slots are displayed correctly again.
  • Linked battle reports now display correct modifiers.
  • Players can no longer obtain more than one Paladin.
  • Players get a report for each accepted market offer again.
  • When trying to change your email to an already registered email address, you will now receive a corresponding error message.
  • Resource Deposits will no longer be placed on rivers.
  • Support reports now show all required data.
  • Available errands can now always be done in your Resource Deposit.
  • Free reroll of the daily unit deal will only be available once a day.
  • The reroll button is now always properly placed in the window.
  • The reroll animation runs more smoothly now.
  • The timer for special bonus rewards in the Resource Deposit is now properly updated.
  • The map is now correctly updated after a reward has been collected from your Resource Deposit.
  • The Province ownership now properly triggers when owning more than 50% of all villages in a Province.
  • The button 'Set new password' is now only active when having entered a password.
  • Player profiles can no longer be opened via an inactive Barbarian profile button.
  • Some ranking issues have been fixed.
  • When cancelling a recruitment order, the 'Yes' and 'No' buttons will now have their correct colors.
  • 'Jump to village' should work as intended again.
  • More than one incoming Tribe attack can now be displayed for all Tribe members.
  • When mass minting the correct amount of maximum coins will be shown.
  • When restarting on a realm the Resource Deposit will now also move to the new location near your new village.
  • Players can now always be added to conversations properly.
  • Some translation errors have been corrected.

  • Some parts of the UI have been improved for better usability.
  • Noblemen that are in the recruitment queue now correctly count towards your total Noblemen count.
  • Outgoing commands will no longer be displayed with the icon for returning commands.
  • Chapels and Churches can now always be built in the Headquarters if the requirements are met.
  • Tribe member rights will no longer have duplicate entries in the rights management screen.
  • Spy missions now show the correct times.
  • Mass minting now works as intended.
  • Opening the app via the incoming attack push notification will now properly scroll to your affected village on the map.
  • The Academy screen will no longer be accessible if the building is not available in selected village.
Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Sincerely, The Tribal Wars 2 Team