haha...I recognize it so I beleive I have seen it before but no clue where...did not think it was you...just did not like it
Like I said...maybe just not my thing


I actually stated on the tribe screen on purpose that we will be reviewing applications at the end of the day and to be patient. The only people coming into the tribe at the moment are former Mafia players as we want to give them priority. We will look carefully at all other applications at the end of each day and admit those we feel are right for the group we are trying to build. And as for working together...at this point in world, we are not seeking any diplo as we came to fight not hug :)
Diplo is a fluid item though so as soon as we see how the world shapes up, we will see if we need any and who we want to work with :)
That's not a problem want wasn't trying to start a fight I understand that former members come first I wasn't sure why I had been declined and wasn't just going to keep applying like I told former tribe mate of mine in mafia this world who knows we may end up getting brought in with y'all later lol and fyi I don't play tribal hugs either lol I just was saying we would be better of taking out the smaller people first before focusing on each other right out of protection if you get my drift


Actually I'm the one that made the rosie the riveter meme. Ninja Leon dared me to do it. I still have it saved on my tablet. ;)