Was it wrong of me?

Discussion in 'Alnwick (US1)' started by OvermindJr, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. OvermindJr

    OvermindJr Guest

    Just looking for some thoughts from the community?

    Lets say I refused to join a tribe, despite a well made effort by one of thier recruiters and others who continued to send me invitations to join their tribe.

    Then, lets say I built up my troops and decided to expand.

    And lets also say I decided to go after the next biggest village in my province, who is also the recruiter of the tribe attempting to recruit me.

    To complicate this example further, while nobles are going back and forth, lets say I accept the tribe invitation to fill my curiosity of how they are responding to the noble attack.

    Further more, the response to the clearing of his army.

    Now, lets continue this hypothetical scenario further.

    Lets assume I post a message, just letting them know I am there and stating not to noble barb villages again in my province.

    Now, assume I leave the tribe within 5 minutes of joining.

    I then complete the noble of the target and add a village to my control.

    Lets throw a more interesting variable into this example. I get another random invitation from the tribe.

    I join the tribe again.

    I read up on the continued reactions. The reactions include plans to build troops, questions if they should attack, longer term plans to take me out later. One reaction included the need to silence my ego.

    In this rather complicated and interesting example, am I wrong for posting a noble claim for another one of their member's villages that I intend to take next and leave the tribe a second time after having stayed roughly 10 minutes?
  2. SechulLath

    SechulLath Guest

    Yes. You have an obligation to update your noble claim once it has been completed.
  3. SithMeister

    SithMeister Guest

    Well played short con, but you could have gone long con and demanded a leadership role in there tribe for your attack prowess and then just out right disbanded it or kicked every one under you.
  4. Manspider

    Manspider Guest

    It wasn't wrong, just solid strategy against an unprepared tribe. If they keep extending invitations to a known enemy, then you should keep taking advantage of it.

    Everyone has the same tools and chance of success in this game. The people who play smart and know how to communicate will always get the upper hand (unless the enemy is paying to win... womp womp).
  5. snoopt7

    snoopt7 Guest

    If they wanted you that bad you should have infiltrated their ranks and destroyed them from within by displacing their troops(A fake war). Then align with a powerful tribe in your area and catch them while they have limited troops and long waits for reinforcements. So in a sense they would be helpless.
  6. OvermindJr

    OvermindJr Guest

    It just amazes me the things people do.

    People new to the game should not be running tribes. Especially tribes of over 100 members like SEU.

    Mass tribes irritate me, and this world is full of them. Only TLI seems to have a clue looking from the outside in terms of limiting their membership and having legitimate standards outside of points for membership.

    I took 2 SEU villages with relative ease. They retaliate from 24-36 hours away by attacking with swords & spears mixed with offensive troops. I would just think that of 100+ members, just one of them would talk about what the purpose of defensive and offensive troops are.

    Then another guy makes an academy to bring his village to 1900 points nearby. Obviously no army and obviously no threat, but a nice meaty noble target with the most expensive building already built.

    Kind of fun taking on an entire tribe solo and winning.
  7. OvermindJr

    OvermindJr Guest

    Excellent point.

    I did send their tribe an ingame email asking them to update for me.... (amazing I can email an entire tribe of members, what a PnP tool).

  8. Altwing

    Altwing Guest

    You seem like a cool guy, OvermindJr. Come join Omerta2! SEU is red to us, and it will make your world map easier to glance at. Yes, you're 5 kingdoms away from the rest of us, but so what? You're playing solo anyway. And you can quit in 5 minutes if you want. But if you're warring with SEU anyway; let the enemy of my enemy be a guy who's funny on the forums.
  9. Manspider

    Manspider Guest

    One of us! One of us!
  10. shish

    shish Spearman

    Oct 24, 2014
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    LOL thats Omerta for you ... recruiting 5 kingdoms away .... mind ya mate I do like your style, TLI might be a nice place for you later on
  11. Manspider

    Manspider Guest

    A TLI player who's named shish? Shenanigans!

    SHH (Omerta)
    + ISH (Omerta2)
    = shish (Destined to be the Omerta leader, even though he doesn't realize it)

    Two of us! Two of us!
  12. shish

    shish Spearman

    Oct 24, 2014
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    LOL well if I get my way I will be king .... Careful mate I already have enough problems with APO, and don't need J lord trying to noble me in fear of a coop .... On second thought go forward my brethren and and crush the barb nobleres that are APO ... clear them from this land and server
  13. illuminati

    illuminati Guest

    only the founder can disband a tribe but was a dirty move lol as is but still could have called there troops to war somewhere else as one of the officers lol
  14. Manspider

    Manspider Guest

    Uhh... What?
  15. giantsfrey

    giantsfrey Swordsman

    Dec 1, 2014
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    :D nice job, OP
  16. Anaximandros

    Anaximandros Guest

    heh - apparently someone found it wrong . . . .

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