Welcome to Huniade.


Mounted Archer
Greetings Tribal Warriors, and welcome to US world 8; Huniade.

Gotta say I'm excited to see how this world turns, already a lot of hype and fighting words and many promising tribes and premades forming.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as I am now moderating the forums for Huniade, as well as Gyulai Var.
Those who play over on International, or stalk its forums might recognise me as a Moderator there too, I started moderating directly to improve my ability to help new players, as well as experienced players, as much as I can as they explore Tribal Wars 2. Joining the US team allows me to broaden that scope slightly.

There is a great activity here, and I have no wish to impede that. However, there are a few things I would appreciate everyone keep in mind (of course a read through of our forum rules wouldn't go amiss, but these are minor issues that appear far too regularly and so I would like to draw attention to them):

1. The Tribe Recruitment and Player Personals have their own sub forum section for a reason. These threads are separate from the Politics and Propaganda, and discussion threads, on the main world forum.
These threads are to be respected for their purpose. If you aren't asking legitimate questions, or applying or responding to an application then you are spamming the thread and I will remove you from it.

2. Let's try to keep our threads full of content. I don't want to have to scroll back to find the decent posts in a thread through all the one word answers and off topic spam. If you like a post, or find it funny. We have a like button, there is no need for "Lulz". Quality over quantity, keep the discussion moving forwards with regard and respect to the topic at hand.

3. Do not create multiple threads for the same topic. Keep it all in one place and apply my second point to keep the thread at its maximum potential.

4. You will show respect to every other poster here. Banter is great, attacks on in game ability not to mention well thought out and structured PnP can be used to make and break tribes, players and leaders alike. The moment you begin to attack a person and make assumptions to their personality and personal life, you have crossed a line. A big line for me, and I will remove you from my forum.

I hope you keep this in mind moving forwards, generally speaking I will merely edit multiple posts, spam, off topic etc simply to keep the forum tidy and attempt not to interfere with positive posting momentum. I am not here to kill forum activity as I genuinely am excited to see a forum so active.

All that is left for me to say is;
Good luck.
Fight hard.
Make it interesting.

-Yato; Forum Mod .us