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  1. Answered Report to Admin feature

    We have an issue with a former tribe mate who consistently breaks conduct rules of the game. Where can I report this infraction? He recently blew up yet again and left the tribe. Do I need to get screenshots, or can internal administrators simply proxy my account and read the incidents?
  2. Linked Report Information

    Suggestion: Add more information to linked reports and/or include a better tool for linking multiple reports. At the current time, any report linked just says "Open Report". I currently have conversations where a person will link 10 reports of a recent attack on their village and it turns into a...
  3. Missing Farming Reports

    For a couple of months now I no longer receive "farming" reports (results when I attack barbarian villages). I have tried "reset settings" in my settings pages. I have tried a variety of settings in the report filters. Nothing seems to work. Is anyone else experiencing this? I get farming...