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Linked Report Information


Add more information to linked reports and/or include a better tool for linking multiple reports. At the current time, any report linked just says "Open Report". I currently have conversations where a person will link 10 reports of a recent attack on their village and it turns into a block of "Open Report"s. It would be very useful to either (A) include more information to each link, perhaps an overview of report on mouseover, or at least type of report: spy, attack, support attacked, etc. and/or (B) include a new method for linking multiple reports (Open Reports -> Leads to more detailed list popup of links and overviews to all reports a person wanted to share, similar to popup you get from trying to donate resources to tribe but with list of linked report links and overviews).

Reasoning for Change:
I'm not sure how many others are getting this, but I'll often run into blocks of "Open Report"s and trying to sort through a bunch I lose track where I am. People will link sab attempts they make with 10-20 sab attempts in a giant block of "Open Report" links. I get lost in those blocks.

Positive Aspects:
Will allow for more organized messages and sharing of attacks/defenses/spies between players.

Negative Aspects:
Depending on implementation, might take up more space in messages.

To Implement:
Just a notification change, so would require no balancing or major change in game mechanics.


Agree agree,
Post the same info from the reports view into the message,
put a new button next to the 'link report' labeled ' link report list'
Then if they use that button, put each selected report on its own line, and just duplicate the same info into the message:
Icon / date-time / report title
Be nice if the report was deleted, the icon changes to reflect that.


Agreed. A linked report should have some sort of description to let you know what it is. something as simple color-coding for success/failure or cleared/not cleared and labeling "Attack" or "Spy" would be a big help.


I Also Agree.
Most people just see reports and tune out after the first 2-3 if there's a big list. If you posted 50 of them, it'd make it a billion times easier to actually tell people which report was which if It said the report info/village attacked/color coding/or even just a time stamp on them. There is currently no way to differentiate these reports whatsoever other than opening every single one and checking what they are. It's annoying.


I have to agree with this idea, instead of labeling the link "open report", each type of report should be labeled for it's intended purpose: i.e. Spy report, attack report, defense report. Would this work for the purpose you are suggesting? I will pass this on.


This would be cool for quick differentiation. I was also thinking that if nothing else, an easy-ish add could possibly be just to have the mouse-over tooltip that gives the information you initially get while sending a message, namely a small box that says "Player A attacks Village B" or whatever the current tooltip says, don't recall exactly. This would allow even for differentiation of 20 "attack reports" on a player. At least a little more specific.


When a war is happening the amount of reports that come from one player is sometimes very high. I agree that some way to identify what is in the report without going through all them would make is easier. I can see how this can help everyone. I will bring the idea of changing what the button says or a mouse over option upstairs :)