AOD-Truth about Mario and TLI

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As a veteran play of TW myself, I am super stoked to see this world. It reminds me of W3, where a MRT went to the limit and had like 8+ full tribes and it was a free for all, between them and two elite core based tribes. I feel this world has two ways it can go; AOD will systematically eat everyone and everything. In which case we all have the obligation to poop in their mouth as the jaws close down on us. Or some of the rim tribes (would be funny if they all) will ally together to fight back. Which if done correctly could at least halt AODs feast and really make this interesting for us all.
I must say though, as a member of a rim tribe leadership, from what I have seen I believe it's a 60/40 for the odds. I see excellent leadership and communication in the rim, but the lack of direction due to being intimidated by the core tribes. Also I see a lot of weird tribe mechanics, and a huge lack seeing the bigger picture from multiple rim tribes. Which is scary is a game where planning long stretches of time are necessary.
Also, Ian, stop laughing at trolling, self proclaimed noob and write some commentary for your eager readers of the top ten thread.
I'm already ahead of ya. ;)


Sounds like you're a little flustered about getting flamed lover-boy.

The tribe runs itself, because you have good players, not because of any specific merit of yours. Congratulations on enforcing basic tribal wars ethos like not nobling barbarians and supporting each other when you're under attack, the logistics of instilling that kind of amazing intelligence among your team members was no small feat indeed.
Man are you bitter...


I feel like mario was one of the people he got screwed by, would explain his stance on the tribe that he randomly has :p


eh love mama and devil's fanboys.

nothing flusters me treason. :)
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So, I've reported you. You are doing nothing here but starting crap with other players. Okay you are new, and I like that you are assertive about your opinions. But treating other players with disrespect is lame and you should take it elsewhere. I really hope you do not treat the people in your life like this as I would hate to see them cringe every time you walk in the door. I hope you find a solution to whatever it is that causes you to be so disrespectful. These people here are just playing a game and enjoying it, and in all my years of gaming, this game has some of the best attitudes in its player base. So stop stinking it up in here and please either contribute, or shut the hell up.
I highlighted the hypocrisy in your statement. Taking your own advice is sometimes a good thing. Lets keep this on topic.

So mario is mama still playing this world? or is this old news because if its old news this thread can die out.
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