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App Notification Information


Suggestion for mobile version:
Currently for the app (at least iOS), the alert for various notifications include "Building upgraded", "Alarm!", "New Message", etc. This system would be much more efficient if more information was given. Minimally, adding what world the event happened on would be great. Ideally, including information like what village/building was upgraded, what village is being attacked (possibly by whom), a snippet of the new message, etc. depending on how many characters can be shown on app notification.

Reason for Changing:
The current system doesn't give enough information to be very useful besides "Alarm!" which just tells you to check the game. I've played multiple worlds and will get "Building Upgraded" every few minutes as I expand on one world and start up on another. Tells me very little without world information at minimum.

Positive Aspects:
Would allow for easier gameplay by mobile users. It would be easier to organize your villages and easier to react to notifications from the app.

Negative Aspects:
Might be tricky to include information in limited character lines, but ANY information (just adding US4, US8, etc.) would be helpful.

To Implement:
Would require no balancing and no change in gameplay itself, only in notifications that players receive.


I still think this is a key feature that should be implemented, if nothing else at least for the "Alarm!" notification.


I have to agree that this could help people on multiple worlds. Maybe an option of recieving an email with all the information of the alert or a text message for mobile user. Giving the world and a more detailed accounting of what the alert is about.