BeezKneez As New Community Manager


Eljefe must be being sarcastic because we dont agree on anything. Thanks for for popping in to complain slaughter. If Beez isnt selected inno is dumb. Seriously whoelse you got that is universally liked and is already in the system. If the bees isnt picked you should get bizmoney. The rumor mill would be off the chain.
I love to hate you Salesman :oops:
Beez should be top of the list to replace Kiki. Beez has the perfect personality for the community manager...firm yet fair and always with a smile even when she is telling you that you messed up. It will be a shame for sure if she is not put in the role. Hopefully INNO will look to those of us that have played and supported this game over a lot of years and take our recommendation of her to heart when making their decision :)

Beez for the win!!!

I support this...................................


Ya beez is the first mod in a long long time that has almost every players support, it'd be a really bad idea to put a new person none of us know as CM. Beez has the player base behind her, that goes a long way as a mod I bet.


I 100% support making Beez the new CM. It is true, Beez is known by the players and they feel a bond with her. We feel she is fair and balanced, and think it would be in the best interests to make Beez the new CM.


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Well, two things: First, Community Managers are required to play on their own servers. So yes, I am playing, currently just starting on Landskrona, at 521, 472. If anyone needs a CoMa kill, now you know where to find me. :)

(Funny story: When I was first approached about the position, not knowing which community, I started a village on Palamidi on the English realms to learn a bit about it. Then I found out I would be covering the US, so I gave my 1000 point village to my tribe's leader via coop, and re-started this one.)

Any advice for a noob, will be appreciated. :)
Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm and Farm some more. While you're at it, try to get the Devs to read the community feedback we've done about farming. It takes us anywhere from 2 Hours + to send out one farm run from 80+ villages. Farming is massive in this game, but due to the way it's set up, not a lot of people can dedicate the time needed to farming once Mid-Late game comes around.


Tribal Wars 2 Team
There is a lot to read... Pointers welcomed, Slaughter. (But I know what you mean, I can see the scalability issues even from my limited play time.)

But let's be realistic in our expectations. I can push up suggestions, and will do so, and I am sure my bosses will eventually be annoyed at how I can nag. But having been a software development manager, I just have to say: no matter how good a suggestion, you can't just stop whatever is going on and focus on the new thing. If you let mission creep rule your development process, you never get ANYTHING shipped.

So yes, I am very interested in making sure good suggestions get air time, and seeing if we can get them on the development schedule as soon as possible. But it might take some time, and you may have to be a bit patient. I can make no claims to have a magic wand.

Thicc Lad

Save yourself some time. Inno dont care about us, they dont care about what you have to say. They sent a memo out to the CM's months ago that they were ceasing future game development cuz this game had too niche of a market and blah blah. Its a cash cow for them right now. I and others play it cuz no other game compares to the way you cant completely ruin someones progress in it plus i love crushing egos.

We were hoping we'd have a CM we knew and liked but we're stuck with u, cant fathom u being worse than kiki i guess.

If you want game tips here are some. First you make an account, then you lose cuz you couldnt hug or mass recruit to victory. then you insert the excuses.
1. im busy IRL excuse
2. Its those damn coiners
3. Its the scripters/cheaters
(anyone wanna help me expand this?)

gg and find a better game


Thicc you don't need to be so negative. It's too bad that you feel that way about me, all I can say is if you only knew. :p:rolleyes:
From Thicc's standpoint, Inno use to release monthly video updates. When they did, Almost all of them were on other games. They stopped doing Monthly updates a while back. We've heard nothing from the development team or any other Innogames staff member on their progression of this game. Literally all we as a community want is for a Developer to come out and say "we're still working on it, but it's a massive update so it will take a while."