Dying Game


I agree with your comment, however in fairness I must point out a lot of changes and features have come out since release of alnwick (world 1).
None of which were a new unit, however you'd have to probably bring out a unit that wouldn't upset the balance (or whatever you want to call it) the battle system has, or push out other units. I could see another elite cavalry or archer unit, or even a new building to spice things up. I say a new archer or cavalry since we have a berserker unit that falls into infantry, making 2 infantry, 1 cavalry, 1 archer unit for offense, minus siege units.


Yeah it could be a defensive cav lil worse than the HC, because you could farm with them even if you have to go full turtle mode. It could be a HOO-like wall where you have a choice if you want the wall to be better agaisnt cavs/ infantry. Could revamp the hospital so it can heal supporting units. Idk anything new that can keep the players hook. A game that doesnt change will die eventually.


A building that gives a passive buff to defense even could be an idea. Defense is already at a disadvantage most of the time in comparison to offense.


Or they can finish the actual plan and build the fortress to end the game, Ya know like they planned when they started the first world...


I believe the fortress was removed from the wiki page as they no longer intended to do it.
But yes, I'd love for that to be a thing...


The majority of what was in this thread has been passed on to upper management, anything on the Facebook page also goes to upper management and upper management has direct contact with the developers so writing something on the Facebook page that is already written here is pretty much the same thing, just an FYI.
@CaptC This thread I made under my old forum account has the most views, Likes, and comments for any type of Idea thread in existence. All of these ideas still apply.


2017 and reading this I was laughing at the 200 member limit, in September 2020, 90 people in a tribe makes it literally impossible for any other tribe or player to make any kind of a come back. York Castle is a good example. It's impossible to make any kind of come back, it's a dom world and it's not even 2 months old yet and it's already about to be over. Sad. Because the member limit is so high, In world X, We are literally just logging on to mint coins and send out noble trains to Barbs in order to finish it the fastest I haven't had one attack sent to my village in 2 and a half months not one time have I had any attacks. We are literally trading villages just to get more VP to finish faster. This makes this game unplayable. What is the point to even make any troops? or even have an attack feature? Might as well just have a button that says send noble trains out to unclaimed barbs for vp. at this point, this game is completely dead.


Dynamic tribe membership instead of low player limit?
If you are a huge player with 10k points and the average player points are 2k you suffer a battle penalty.
This would make people have smaller tribes with bigger players.


you know we already have a moral penalty dont you? a 10k attacking a 2k is almost 50% now.
Right but the penalty would be even against equal players. I was just offering an idea, could be improved. But my idea ti add a seperate penalty to bigger players in big tribes stands. In rome and greece they expanded their empires so much they broke apart, maybe the tribe gets a union bonus if you are near the average point value, so instead of penalizing big players give smaller players a bonus?


honestly this game is just because they are just milking it at this point. They are running it exactly like a mobile game to always have a reason to have that "special deal". Also why is it the dom worlds in na keep relocation setting on? in the uk ones they turn it off makes it way more competitive imo when its off. Also the only way to fix the game would be to better balance the cash shop and boosts. Back in the day there was no way to just insta complete you got a small advantage of 10% more resources an hr you got the extra build slots bigger map. All that for like 14 bucks. Now you can literally buy a world.

Changes that need to be made.
1.Nerf rangers(instead of saving all your units have it get you a report or something if you are using 2-4k or more provisions on an attack.
2.Change instant complete with %(instead of paying to just finish everything half it so it only reduces the time by a set% per purchase)
3. remove the second effect from MOL to prevent barb boosting to try and auto win your area.
4. Nerf and or remove daily unit deals.
5. Make tribe levels more realistic to acquire with mats only. have it grow in a similar way at least to how coins use grow per level.
6. Reduce tribe member limit by at least 75% (more tribes means more competition.)
7. Allow players to buy boosts/items in mid to endgame using resources.
8. Remove nobles and coins from gwen or change it so you cant save nobles in your inventory.
9.pretty sure there is more but i cant remember atm

ino would lose too many whales for them to make any changes though.