Dying Game


honestly this game is just because they are just milking it at this point. They are running it exactly like a mobile game to always have a reason to have that "special deal". Also why is it the dom worlds in na keep relocation setting on? in the uk ones they turn it off makes it way more competitive imo when its off. Also the only way to fix the game would be to better balance the cash shop and boosts. Back in the day there was no way to just insta complete you got a small advantage of 10% more resources an hr you got the extra build slots bigger map. All that for like 14 bucks. Now you can literally buy a world.

Changes that need to be made.
1.Nerf rangers(instead of saving all your units have it get you a report or something if you are using 2-4k or more provisions on an attack.
2.Change instant complete with %(instead of paying to just finish everything half it so it only reduces the time by a set% per purchase)
3. remove the second effect from MOL to prevent barb boosting to try and auto win your area.
4. Nerf and or remove daily unit deals.
5. Make tribe levels more realistic to acquire with mats only. have it grow in a similar way at least to how coins use grow per level.
6. Reduce tribe member limit by at least 75% (more tribes means more competition.)
7. Allow players to buy boosts/items in mid to endgame using resources.
8. Remove nobles and coins from gwen or change it so you cant save nobles in your inventory.
9.pretty sure there is more but i cant remember atm

ino would lose too many whales for them to make any changes though.

Another option would be to provide casual servers once in a while where they incorporate these changes. Not necessarily always do it, but make it a twice a year thing or something. Bc those worlds would last ages.