Eketorp Realm Competitions


Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

For the launch of Eketorp we have prepared some amazing competitions with outstanding rewards. Compete against the other players and claim the grand prize for yourself if you dare!

THE VIP (Very Important Points)

Be the first, second, or third to have 5 Victory Points


1st Prize: Cruncher

2nd Prize: Sythinfinous

3rd Prize: Rygartz

Be the first, second or third to have 10 Victory Points


1st Prize: Rygartz

2nd Prize: joseph07

3rd Prize: 250 Crowns
The rules are simple:

First and foremost, the game rules apply, i.e. only one account per player. Pushing accounts only to achieve a goal will result in disqualification and actions may be taken against involved account(s)!

Post a screenshot to prove you have achieved a goal. The winners will be selected based on who posts first, so if you reach the goal but do not post right away, you might miss out on a reward!


Player A reaches a competition goal first. Player B comes second and Player C comes third.

Player C posts his result first, then Player B. Player A doesn't post at anything at all.

Player C wins the competition, because he has reached the goal and has posted his or her screenshot first. Player B gets the second prize and Player A doesn't win any prize, because he or she didn't post a screenshot.

All entries will be checked before the winners are announced to ensure a fair competition and game environment for everyone involved.

Good luck!

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team
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Not the first to get it but I am the first to post, #2 in the world, #1 here :)