F world Trashtalk!


Okay decide to rewrite what i wrote last night, went a little crazy prolly cause of what i read an the mood i was in.

Zbird coins, i coin a bunch of other players coin. we coin cause we enjoy the game, but we know how to coins. me an zbird personally up on 80 normally an play the game as we end it. there are a lot of other players on this sever that coin a crap ton more then either of us. if some players want to waste money an coin a wall do it, I actually haven't coin that MANY WALLS CAUSE IT IS A WASTE. just snipe or recap unless it is a tribe wide stack or important village. ISL decide to MRT, which was stupid an i even post to them it was stupid. but last ditch effort they want to do. but doesn't help when half of them are not active or say something about losing a village 20 minutes before it is lost. the game is what it is. win or lost, i lost i win. i play against players i grow respect for an normally play with them later down the road.

English your 2nd language? it is my second language.. Drunk pan is my first one mate. But this world will be over. most of us are just waiting for the next world. not much you can do when your own tribe is hurting you with lack of communication. but like i said it is what it is. A win is a win an a lost is a lost. but its about just enjoying the damn game.

Nice to know how you feel about your tribe Pant....that was quite the moral boost we needed....not.
everything i said on the forums, i said to you guys in the game. you guys just dont read it. or respond to your tribe mate.

A LOT OF US PLAY THIS GAME CAUSE WE LIKE IT AN IT IS A GOOD STRATEGY game, its what we enjoy to get away from the world. yeah there are a lot of stuff i don't agree with an a bunch of rules that really seem like they are being broking, on both sides. maybe they're not. I just hate cheaters an people that muti account an crap. i will say i do like half of the players in nib an the one i talk to seem pretty cool. would mind get to know them on other sever. hell the saleman remind me a lot of when i first meant zbird. fennix let that other world go, idk why you hold on to what happen on X world so much against me mate. i dont remember you on that world to be honest. but if you play there like you do here, i would of. cause your not doing bad at all, or maybe you just learn a lot an grew. Thicc havent talked to you that much, just heard you cry alot, but people do like to talk an say crap, so please ingore my drunk comment from last night. i normally dont like to judge someone until i talk to them or get to know them myself. now i need some food for this hangover.


Is everyone in ISL a incoherent moron. Did you trade an IQ for every wall/noble/nuke you coined. Or is English your 2nd language?
I'm conflicted here, I feel like there was a rhetorical question but I am only seeing a declaratory statement...
Also I will have you know that I have (probably) mastered reading at a fifth grade level, so I am just a moron, not an incoherent one. :p


Ok, do I need to go over the rules of multi posting? Consolidate Pan, please.


Yea. um. Heres a what wiping a 335k provision stack looks like.



















Salesman landing a hour early ;(
darn lucky you had all those coops to help clear it for you ;-)


You guys are so determined at taking out those troops lol. Nicely done


Co-ops. Right. It's not like we have Discord to plan things. Oh wait, we do.


Co-ops. Right. It's not like we have Discord to plan things. Oh wait, we do.
Yes, landing nukes a few seconds before another is rough business. What with the times, and numbers, and those times and numbers landing before, or after, other numbers, in order to form a cohesive set of times, and numbers.....