Prevent similar villagenames.

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    Just what is sais. Couse it can great confusion and some anger in each tribe to have a villagename same as in the tribe attacking you. So just 1 name of each allowed would be nice
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    Interesting idea. Thank you for sharing. I'll make sure the developers take a look at this.
  3. The grammar could use a little work, but yeah I agree.

    Mostly from a creative POV; I found it a bit irritating in the original TW that everyone just had "001". "002". "003". I feel there should be more originality. (I once saw someone whose entire list of villages, probably 10-20, were all named "coming for you".[worse grammar, can't remember how it was written exactly].) I feel that if people are going to name something, they should name it something with at least SOME originality.

    And besides, as the OP said, there can be some confusion. It's probably not blinding-rage-inducing unless people decide to name their villages after anothers' on purpose (or if they're all named by number), but having duplicate names on the map in the same area can be a bit difficult.
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    Can you just stfu to complain about my grammar? Try to talk swedish and i will correct you in the same bad unincurraging way you do. YOu do not help people by spit in there faces you know that right?
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    There is certain strategy to be found in the ability to name a village, besides, I'd like to see you name 500 villages with some originality, you won't. You will end up leaving the name given to it by the player you took it from. Which would be a hypocrisy.

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