Tempestean Knights are recruiting!

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    Tribe Information
    We are small currently, but are looking to grow! If you're looking to join a tribe that Respects and Listens to all members suggestions or ideas and wants to help develop it into a stronger tribe, then this is the tribe for you!

    We're looking to put together a team of players that will work together, respect each other, honor all diplomatic agreements, and wants to have fun above all else. The future is uncharted!

    We have a parliamentary system. Our Founder, Blah12325, has final say with a council which is used to ensure the tribe members are heard and decisions are decided upon fairly. Our members are only guided by honor in support of each other, the tribe, and our allies. No decisions are made without considering the whole.

    If you're interested, PM Ramzait or Blah12325 or apply.


    Looking for players with experience or devoted interest in:

    Regional Defense Coordinator
    Regional Offense/Ops Coordinator
    Council member
    Intelligence Coordinator

    And whatever may be suggested that is considered beneficial to the tribe as a whole!

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