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Discussion in 'Browser Issue Archive' started by thisisme, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. MarcosHK

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    I'm really sorry about this problem. Our team is working on it to get it fixed asap.
  2. jakada

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    i doubt this is a browser issue, more like a server problem. I have not been able to log in for over 5 minutes all day. Get constant timeout messages and frozen screens. Now I cannot get into the game at all. They should definitely give us some kind of credit or safetime with this bug.
  3. MAL3V0L3NT

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    How is a problem like this not being addressed with a little more urgency? Roll back the update until you are ready to release it. People cant even log on! You can't make money if people can't log on FYI. Really ridiculous, and if you think its acceptable to not compensate those people who are losing protection time/wasting resources because they can't spend them, you are out of your minds...
  4. Forsaken

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    Oct 18, 2014
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    made in in game for a whole 10 min. finnaly before the server gave up and died again
  5. EvilDoc4Q

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    Jan 23, 2015
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    Here we go, another game that implements patches, that totally screws up the ability to play the game. I told many friends when I first started playing, finally a game with almost no major bugs. Ever since you brought in that stupid resource field this game has been lagging out, or gotten buggy requiring reloads on many occassions. The issues of having to reload constantly does not need anyone to give you more details, as far as bastille goes it is server wide, we have well over 200 players in our two tribes experiencing these issues and all are getting pretty disgusted. So when are you going to join the likes of Jagex's War of Legends, and Thirst of Night and just make your game so buggy no one will play? Getting really tired of issues of cheating too, like the whole "Mod" Emperor Icabod V debacle. That entire tribe he was in should have been banned, just like they banned alliances in Evony for botting in the early days, if there founder/leader cheated, their whole tribe is guilty by association!!!!!! Fix the game bugs or a whole hell of a lot of us are leaving really soon!
  6. smurks

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    Jan 26, 2015
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    You sound irritated and if you don't like it quit or got to TW1. TW1 had next to no glitches in the 7 years i played it. This game however is just out of beta so give it a break. I do agree with you that it's having issues, and its rather annoying, but rather sitting in the forums being like the countless others running your mouth put in a support ticket. They will tell you just like its been said here "they're fixing it." So you're just wasting your time. also if cheating has taken place report the player and the support team will take a look at their account. other then that i don't know what to tell you and no a whole tribe cannot be banned for one player just because they are in the same tribe.

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