Top 5 Tribe


[2021-Apr-02] - [2021-Apr-09]
Old School Killer (OSK)Current StatsChange Since last week
Rank:1No Change
Tribe Level:45No Change
Points (Thousands):3,614+308
Domination (Top 10 Tribe):42%-1
Members:46No Change
BP (Thousands):36,473+5,445
OBP (Thousands):25,510+3,984
DBP (Thousands):10,963+1,461
OSK had a very slow week with the gains they have produce for this week stats. It looks like they have gotten a lot of players going inactive or quitting this world as they have been very busy internalizing a bunch of their members. Another tribe have also notice they have gained some inactive and have capitalize on them, allowing OSK to lose a total of 21 village to NrU, LST, & BSX. On the war side, they are still doing very well with the OBP : DBO ratio they've produced.

Noobs r Us (NrU)Current StatsChange Since last week
Rank:2No Change
Tribe Level:46+2
Points (Thousands):2,097+407
Domination (Top 10 Tribe):32%+3
Members:48No Change
BP (Thousands):21,989+4,524
OBP (Thousands):10,663+1,238
DBP (Thousands):11,326+3,286
NrU has yet again gained more tribe levels, they been really going hard each week spending crown to boost them up. Hope we soon see the fruit of this decision, as they have gotten a hard week with DBP gained spiking a lot higher than their offensive stats. They have done fairly well only losing 7 village to OSK. As NrU have been busy nobling a bunch of the other areas we should start seeing them ramp up on unit production and hopefully soon see a comeback on the battle side.

The Lost Boys (LST)Current StatsChange Since last week
Rank:3No Change
Tribe Level:8No Change
Points (Thousands):720+139
Domination (Top 10 Tribe):11%+1
Members:20No Change
BP (Thousands):4,467+864
OBP (Thousands):2,562+491
DBP (Thousands):1,905+373
The lost boys do not seem to be lost anymore. They've started ramping up in their side with a slight spike in their weekly gains. They have also notice OSK have started internalizing a member near them and they have made quick work in taking as many of those villages and strengthen their front. They do need to speed things up if they ever want to become a proper contender for 1st place. They may also be trying to slip under the radar until it's time for them to show their might. Not sure what LST are planning, but they may be a beast on disguise so let's keep a close eye on this small group as our underdog BXS are falling short.

Black Sails (BXS)Current StatsChange Since last week
Rank:4No Change
Tribe Level:19No Change
Points (Thousands):313+49
Domination (Top 10 Tribe):7%No Change
BP (Thousands):3,792+1,011
OBP (Thousands):1,777+131
DBP (Thousands):2,387+241
BXS have gotten a slow wee, but they have really held on. They will need to start working harder to stay into this leaderboard as they've been producing very little progress. If the stat still shows low progress, we may limit this leaderboard to Top 3 tribe who are able to control 10% domination to be considered as a contender.


We may start decreasing the leaderboard to top 3 (Only tribe that are 10% domination will be added). Also, for better insight, utilize the graph, I have been playing with other graph stats on other forum and will bring that here for better insight. Hope you all like today post, see you all again next week :)